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Solving computer problems and providing the best repair solutions is what we do best. At Arkham Media L.L.C., we love getting to the root of a computer issue or glitch. Customers have come to know us for being reliable, fast, and efficient. Rarely do we come across a computer problem we are unable to solve.


When you need computers linked securely, count on us. From home offices and small businesses to complete office complexes, we are well-suited to provide effective network solutions and services.


Computer viruses and malware are perhaps the biggest problems computer users face. At Arkham Media L.L.C., we are experts at compartmentalizing and removing infectious bugs that can damage hardware, slow your computer, or create data problems.


From start to finish we will help design and build your website.


A combination of 2D and 3D work that will leave you amazed. Its certainly not your typical slide show! Many events have used and love our 3D style.


Advanced Diagnostic, Repair & Prevention (diagnostic, cleaning, virus/spyware removal, os repair, software updates, 2 single title software installs, optimization) $349


Diagnostic With Repair (diagnostic, cleaning, virus/spyware removal, os repair, optimization, software updates) $249


Diagnostic we will get to the heart of the matter and root out the problem through a series of system checks and diagnostics. we'll advise you on the best course of action for you to take to get your PC back into shape. $159


If your computer can get on the internet, there is a good chance we can fix your computer remotely. This includes virus, spyware and malware removal. Wired and wireless networking issues as well as system optimization. Starting At $85

Arkham Media is a company dedicated to providing you with quality computer support. We do everything from removing viruses and spyware to diagnosing and replacing defective hardware.

Our clients range from home users with one computer to small and medium sized companies with multi-user networks.





Whether you are a PC user or prefer Mac, we are capable of repairing whatever is amiss. Always running a thorough diagnostic analysis, we pinpoint the issue and correct the problem. From Network System Design, PC Maintenace, Data Recovery, Website Design and Multi-Media our work is fast and effective.

At Arkham Media L.L.C., we aren't computer geeks; however, we are IT professionals with a serious side when it comes to technology and computer repairs. You might call us light hearted computer physicians, minus the expensive malpractice insurance.


Operating since 2004, we have a solid reputation when it comes to diagnosing computer or network issues and finding solutions that bring things back to the good. Everyone on staff has their specialty but we also work in teams - a benefit to clients. We manage to do jobs faster and ensure they are done right.


We speak plainly, are honest, and provide results that don't cost a fortune. With a small office, on-site services, and remote services available, we are better able to serve you and your schedule.


Contact us at 201-401-1878 to speak to one of our computer technicians about what is going on with your computer.

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