About Us _


Arkham Media L.L.C. is a company dedicated to providing you with quality computer support. We do everything from removing viruses and spyware to diagnosing and replacing defective hardware. Our clients range from home users with one computer to small and medium sized companies with multi-user networks.

At Arkham Media L.L.C., we aren't computer geeks _

However, we are IT professionals with a serious side when it comes to technology and computer repairs. You might call us lighthearted computer physicians, minus the expensive malpractice insurance.

Operating since 2004, we have a solid reputation when it comes to diagnosing computer or network issues and finding solutions. Everyone on staff has their specialty but we also work in teams - a benefit to clients. We manage to do jobs faster and ensure they are done right.

We speak plainly, are honest, and provide results that don't cost a fortune. On-site and remote services available.

Contact us at 201-401-1878 to speak to one of our computer technicians about what is going on with your technology.